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Facts about Canada Opioid Crisis

Canada has suffered a lot from the overuse and abuse of opioids which has translated to national health disaster that must be addressed ultimately and with an immediate effect. Generally, opioids are developed and prescribed as pain killers but there are multiple persons who tend to abuse these drugs or even overdose which has brought multiple death cases in Canada. Multiple families are suffering following the sudden or untimely demise of their loved ones and the communities have lost precious persons and so is the country. Some of these cases are accidental while others emanate from ignorant populaces who abuse the drug in order to get high. Canada is ranked second on the opioid prescriptions every year.

In the years 2017, Canada recorded 4000 opioid related deaths. It is therefore appropriate to conclude that three hundred and thirty three persons died every month of last year. There two classifications of these overdoses or overuses and these are either accidental or intentional. The number of deaths recorded in the year 2016 was less by thirty four percent which contributed to the opioid crisis to be termed as national health catastrophe. The total number of deaths recorded in 2018 are not yet summed up but it is believed that the situation has exacerbated.

The fact that there is this epidemic in Canada does not mean that the government is relaxing. Instead, the Canadian health department and government at large have enhanced restrictions for the usage of opioids and are still developing more rules and restrictions in order to improve the situation. There are plans and restrictions to be effected on how these opioids are marketed and availed to the general populace. The police and government prosecutors are hunting illegal opioid dealers with an aim of prosecuting them and keeping them away from the streets.

The truth of the matter is that opioids are still in surplus and the general public has been accessing them even after the restrictions. 2017 alone recorded an average prescription of twenty one million opioids. Fentanyl is also being smuggled from china and being availed illegally on the streets for the populaces. There are laid strategies by the government that will help dispense the availability of fentanyl in the streets.

There is need for action and the Canadian government should lay strategies and plans that will oversee the overall dispensation of illegal opioids and fentanyl in the streets. Therefore, there is need to reduce and monitor the total number of opioids prescribed to the general populaces every year. Also, there is need to deal with those cartels who avail illegal opioids to the general public and when arrested, overcharge them. Sensitizing the populaces will help minimalize the accidental overuse of these drugs.

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